A Guide To This Years Trendy Street Style Fashion For Women

21 Jan
street style fashion

street style fashion

This years street style fashion has become modern day apparel for the youth. An ever increasing number of teenagers are captivated by the very fashionable representation of road graffiti on clothes. If the traditional take on street style fashion are jeans and t-shirts, in this generation, there are more options that young people can choose from. Contrary to popular beliefs,street style fashion is not only for guys. Girls are also very much enamored by the edgy, playful and very trendy street style clothes that dominate the hip scene.

The range of colors for the 2011 street style fashion for women is a mix and match of hues such as purple and black or red and brown. Bold and daring colors are preferred more than subdued and subtle colors. The idea is to achieve uniqueness in the outfit. The combination of prints, gaudy colors and other noticeable clothing elements added to the hip hop look is a fusion of several styles that make up the 2011 street style fashion for girls.

street style fashion

street style fashion

The whole ensemble of loose jeans, sneakers and baseball cap look is still around but for 2011, the jeans have cool prints on them, and hoodies in bold colors are added to the outfit to make a unique personal statement. Knitted scarves and even sweaters in the knitted jumper style are also the rage, including the very neo grunge ripped tights or laddered stockings. These ripped tights or laddered stockings are worn with a lot of confidence. Shredded tights matched with studded boots and a black mini or denim skirt is ultra neo grunge chic.

The very comfortable track suit is back, and so are tank tops. Tees with witty and funny sayings the wittier, the more popularare a great favorite. Classic hip hop is again on the rise and will rule the urban streetwear scene. Tight fitting jeans, mini and leather skirts plus embroidered and crocheted apparels are also huge in the 2011 street style fashion trends for women. This is the look of this years street style fashion and you can pick what best suits your personal preference.

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