Shoes shoe market as the new “cheese” – Slurry Pump Parts – Slurry

21 Jan

Shoes shoe market as the new “cheese” – Slurry Pump Parts – Slurry

Shoes market

Shoes market

Pump EHM

Today, casual style gradually warming, people’s idea of getting rich leisure life. In this “casual” concept, under the guidance and leisure market is rapidly amplified to the casual shoe industry has brought tremendous development potential. Leisure market suddenly enlarged, and leisure industries are linked to birth out of a group of casual brand, which represented them clothing and shoes, casual shoes and apparel led the fashion of the frontier. Also occupied the majority of casual shoes and apparel market share in the market to see major brands new to know, such as Gucci, Lanvin, nike compete to produce leisure series. Casual shoes and apparel market is huge, because this is an important part of leisure weight.

Shoes market

Shoes market

Classification of China’s casual shoes

With sales of casual footwear market into a significant increase year by year, the major piece of shoe are swallowing hard cheese. From the brand background, currently on the market brand shoes divided into three categories: international brands, domestic brands and brand extension. The purchasing power of international brands by the customer factors, is still in the collaborative competition, “the cake” stage, not in a hurry overall expansion, but the image of the product strength and power advantages of both, to focus on cultivating customer loyalty affluent, first-class city occupation The famous shopping mall. Domestic brand is the country’s professional shoes manufacturer, they trade, OEM-based, domestic sales for the second, the current domestic market to get their attention, so a lot of casual shoes manufacturers, in the domestic market also has good performance. Brand extension is a traditional leather shoes and sports shoes and apparel industry and other branches of industry leading brands of shoes out of products; their resources, channel, brand share, brand extension, some of these rely on the mainstream development of the brand name recognition and good reputation Some not only had less than satisfactory. The casual shoe type can be divided into three categories: walking / comfort shoes, sandals / clogs, and casual shoes, including ballet shoes, slippers, Mary Jane shoes, Marcussen shoes, sailing shoes, lace shoes, boots, etc. shoes. While its upper material usually leather, synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC leather, nylon mesh cloth and canvas.

Unlimited potential for precise positioning

According to relevant survey, except for some faithful supporter of sports shoes, 70% of consumers slowly shift to wear shoes. Most developed countries in Hong Kong and abroad, casual shoes because of its comfort and quality of people’s daily lives is the first choice. The domestic industry, casual shoes, casual shoes, most of the overall positioning of brand preference in the mature product system aging. This brand getting younger and younger today, is extremely inconsistent and directly impede the young consumer’s needs and preferences, resulting in a small minority of the consumer market and casual shoes slow growth in the consumer market.

So how to break through the outbreak of casual shoes, narrow and sports brand, casual wear brand gap? The key to that system, on how the brand really young, and capture the trend of both driving force and strong spending power of young generation. Only in this way can make casual shoes squeezed into the fashion industry, fashion industry on a quarterly basis to the topic of focus of fashion, eventually forming a powerful driving force of the radiation. It is understood that the current domestic casual footwear, still remain the same in style, whether it is business casual, fashion, leisure, outdoor leisure…… vast majority of enterprise products, are simply imitating the production line with a single manufacturing, there is no inner-depth study of the real needs of consumers. Therefore, the shoe would like to develop in this area must have a precise brand positioning.

Multi-pronged approach in order to win in the position occupied by the market

In addition, the shoe brand idea should be under the guidance of special design team, product quality, style, cultural elements and other aspects of detailed design. Team of building professionals in the design, the product will bring together fashion, leisure elements, with its unique style of products to satisfy consumer demand for leisure.

Focus on product development in the same time, shoe enterprises should actively integrate resources, increase brand communication speed, and strive to play the product culture to a maximum. And escalating to marketing, whether it is professional sports or entertainment industry is also stepping or animation movies, all kinds of high-end marketing resources have to be involved in so doing product concept was accepted by more and more consumers.

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