Ample Care for Feet with Puma Work Shoes

28 Jan
Ample Care for Feet with Puma Work Shoes

Ample Care for Feet with Puma Work Shoes

Offering maximum protection to your feet is an option with Puma work shoes. You need not need to spend hundreds of dollars for quality puma work shoes. The prices are really fair for what you get. Not only are these shoes incredibly comfortable (they look and feel like that of sneakers), but they are made of durable high-quality materials that are sure to last! These puma work shoes are also very stylish. Like I said before, they look just like sneakers – but each one has an advanced feature for whatever you need it for. Here are a few of my favorite Puma work shoes!

Puma shoes

Puma shoes

Puma Borneo Mid, EH Composite Toe 630545: These shoes are the greatest and most current protection for boots and safety shoes. Using advanced technology, Puma has designed this line for comfort and safety features for runners, cyclists, motocross and Scuff Cap designs. These boots and shoes will offer the most in comfort, and safety toe, technology. Protection: Composite Cap. Plus: 6″ boot, EH, water repellent, cushioning gel Cell integrated in the heel area. Upper: soft full grain leather. Lining: BreathActive functional lining Foot bed: ever comfort. Sole: Rubber sole scuff caps with Ever Flex decoupling point. 572F heat resistant, slip resistant ASTM F 1677 Mark II. Puma Work Shoes: Men’s Steel Toe Heat Resistant Athletic Shoes 64.263.5: The world’s fastest man endorses Puma. He scorches the track, and his competition. Ironically, the soles of these Puma 64.263.5 Men’s Steel Toe Running Shoes are equipped to withstand temperatures of over 570 degrees. And here you thought Puma just had cats on their shoes. These Puma Running Shoes are built like a tank, but move like a world champion. The uppers of these big cats are crafted with Cordura, a material tough against scuffs and tears, with premium durability. Along with the classic Puma stripes, these Black Running Shoes offer a classic look to world-class versatility. Puma Shoes: Men’s Composite Toe EH Scuff Cap Shoe 64.042.5: The Puma 64.042.5 Men’s Composite Toe EH Scuff Cap Safety Shoe shout your longest work days. These safety shoes are made with lightweight composite toes which are lighter than traditional steel toes but still offer great protection. Puma work shoes have been Electrical Hazard rated as well as meeting ASTM F 1677 Mark II slip resistance standards. These safety shoes are also heat resistant up to 572F.

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