Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

5 Feb
Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

Athletic shoes or sneakers would never let you get down on style as they combine comfort with fashion and style. Today, many brands offer trendy and stylish sneaker shoes, but, one of the famous brands of athletic shoes is Converse. This brand is highly popular among both men and women across the world and stylish and trendy Converse sneakers are a style statement for millions of youths around the world. So, always wear a sneaker that makes a lifestyle statement. The Converse is a leading American shoe company that has been manufacturing shoes, lifestyle fashion and casual wear since the early 20th century. The company abides the tag of -America’s original sports company’.

Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

The company was established by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908. Moreover, the brand came into limelight in the year 1917 with the launch of Converse basketball shoes. At that time, Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe got really famous around the world. Converse All Start Basketball shoes have become the highest selling trainers in the world after a record breaking sale of over 600 million. At the time of launch, this shoe used to come in classic colors black and white. But, after the popularity and pressure from the teams, the company started manufacturing sneakers in various styles and colors.


Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

Converse Sneakers Make a Lifestyle Statement

Converse sneakers have been the official shoe for National Basketball Association for several years as well as endorsed by many legendary athletes like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kirk Hinrich, Kobe Brynt, etc. After all these achievements, Converse still continues to surprise youngsters with its trend setting designs and sporty style quotient. Today, the brand has an array of trendy canvas shoes that are specially made for all those who are the followers of the latest trend and fashion. The brand showcases countless assortments in sneakers would make it really difficult for you to make a mind for a single pair of shoes. Sneakers are made up of different materials including leather, suede, vinyl, hemp, canvas, and many others. Now, a large variety for all high-tops, low-cuts and knee-high versions is available from this brand.

Converse sneakers come in many vibrant and unique colors like red, green, lime yellow, denim blue, white and more. The shoes have many choices for the upper material of the shoe, sole, as well as for the lining. Some are made from canvas, some are made up of leather, and others are made up of non-leather, eva, mesh or jute. Moreover, the options available for the shoe lining are fabric, non-leather and mesh, and options offered for the sloe material are rubber, eva, etc.

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