Can Anybody Wear Running Spikes

7 Feb
Running Shoes

Running Shoes

The most expensive piece of equipment most joggers and runners purchase is their running shoes, as it is these that have to take the punishment of pounding the ground for hundreds of miles, week in and week out. The question of whether to wear running spikes or normal running shoes is important and the answer depends on the individual runner.

Can Anybody Wear Running Spikes

Can Anybody Wear Running Spikes

If you spend a lot of your time jogging on roads or concrete pavements and sidewalks, or on hard ground in parks, then you can probably dispense with spiked running shoes and opt instead for normal ones. Since you will be running on hard surfaces, which on the whole will be fairly stable, and since you are probably running for fun or to improve your fitness, your main concern is comfort. You will need extensive cushioning to protect your knees joints and ankles from damage, and a decent pair of proper running shoes will be just the ticket. Only use these shoes for jogging, and get some cheap fashion sneakers for hanging out or socializing.

Can Anybody Wear Running Spikes

Can Anybody Wear Running Spikes

Whereas road running shoes serve their purpose in protecting the joints from unnecessary jolts and impacts, if you prefer to do your running on cross country tracks and trails, your injury prevention plan should be more focused on muscle damage due to unexpected slips and trips. Use cross country running spikes; they will offer a great deal more grip than other shoes and help to stop you sliding in muddy conditions, which could otherwise result in troublesome injuries.

If the fun you derive from running is all about beating the competition, then you will need track running spikes to give you unbeatable grip when sprinting or running middle and long distance races. There are different track spikes for different distances, the ones for longer distances having more cushioning in the heels for comfort and protection.

So as a runner, you will need to do your research, as you will need to find the right tool for the job – the right running spikes for your particular type of event. Once you know you are going to need spikes rather than normal running shoes, finding the right ones is as simple as buying sneakers. The sizes will be the same as for ordinary athletics sneakers, split into men’s and women’s sizes. There are also junior running spikes for younger runners who will undoubtedly require them for college or high school track racing.

Can anybody wear running spikes? Yes, they can. There will be something out there for all tastes and ages, whether male or female. The important thing to remember, though, is when and where to wear them! Spikes for tracks and trails; normal soles for roads and concrete.

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