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Men like shoes and boots too!

21 Jan

Men like shoes and boots too!



Shoes are said to be made are 7000 BC to save the feet from any dust or harm and to make them comfortable. It has only evolved since then. During the last century it has grown in terms of fashion and style both for men and women. Both genders have a different relationship with shoes. Women are believed to be in love with them whereas men are believed to use them as just any other accessory. But in today’s age of metro sexual men this isn’t true anymore.

Men have developed a taste for shoes and boots. They pay great attention to the shoe details, raw material, designing and especially the look of the shoe. Men of today follow the same patterns as women do i.e. to have different shoes for each activity. With jeans and other casual wear, they prefer suede casual shoes and many times even sports shoes or trainers. For sports activities, men prefer sports specific shoes e.g. Running shoes when they go for jogging, basketball shoes when they choose to play a game of basketball etc. Continue reading