Classic Tennis Shoe Styles

29 Jan
Classic Tennis Shoe Styles

Classic Tennis Shoe Styles

Tennis shoes add a classy, sporty look to any outfit. They come in a rainbow of colors, not just white, and can be paired with stylish socks to make the right statement. Stores like Puma and Nike make and sell a variety of tennis shoes, along with other types of footwear. Here is a list of classic tennis shoe styles to fit any budget.1. White Tennis Shoes

Made popular by the sport of tennis, these lightweight, canvas material shoes allow for easy movement. They’re low cut, lace up with wide laces, feature thick rubber soles and boast an easy-going style. There’s no need to dress them up; wear them with white socks and you’re good to go. They’re ideal with jeans, shorts or cute little skirts. They offer support and also cushion your feet, with many featuring shock absorption for running and jumping.

Classic Tennis Shoe Styles

Classic Tennis Shoe Styles

2. The High-Top

High-top tennis shoes are a variation on the classic tennis shoe. They lace up higher on the ankle, providing more ankle support along with increased traction control. These are great for style purposes, but also great for those who have weak ankles and need that extra cushion.

3. Kids’ Tennis Shoes

In a child-size take on the classic tennis shoe, kids’ tennis sneakers are made with more support and softer soles, especially for little ones just learning how to walk. They come in a variety of cool colors to appeal to kids’ fashionable tastes, from pink with glitter for girls to camouflage for boys. Q3K52YEDHGM9

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